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Benefits of Membership

Networking opportunities with other members and guests through regular breakfast meetings and other events

  • Regular informative newsletters & website content
  • Member profiles included on website and featured periodically in newsletter
  • Opportunities to display your company’s marketing material or information at meetings
  • Opportunities to listen to a selection of dynamic, entertaining and informative guest speakers at every breakfast meeting
  • Opportunities to promote your business in a 2-minute presentation at the breakfast meetings (must be prearranged)
  • Member discounts at bi-monthly breakfasts and other events
  • Involvement in lobbying and policy development
  • Full access to reports commissioned by MITN, such as the Mackay Whitsunday IT Capability Survey
  • Being involved in creating a strong and diverse IT skills base for the Region
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other companies to enter new markets
  • Helping to promote your business and the regional industry in local, domestic and international markets
  • Helping encourage regional customers to ‘buy locally’

Networking Opportunities and Events

Being a member of MITN provides opportunities to develop new business relationships through networking events, advertising and sponsorship. Ensure your management team and staff are up to date on what is happening in the ICT industry.

Breakfast meetings are held bi-monthly with a wide range of relevant and informative topics chosen by members. Social events are also to be held regularly as well. Members are also notified of special interest events, social activities, seminars and other forums; and are encouraged to be involved.

When possible, MITN members will receive a discounted price for entry into breakfast meetings, forums, functions and training exercises.

How can MITN promote your business

At breakfast meetings the Network has a business card draw for a prize donated by members.

At each breakfast meeting there are opportunities for short promotions of members’ businesses. This is an ideal opportunity to introduce yourself to MITN and the members whilst also providing some insight into the services and/or products you provide (must be prearranged).

Promotion Table

A new incentive to encourage people to buy locally is the “Promotion Table”. At each function there will be a Promotion Table available to display members’ information. If you wish to bring special offers, information about your business, flyers, displays etc to the breakfast meetings and other functions you can place it on the Promotion Table. This way everyone can gain an understanding of the products and services you provide, and it is a great way to promote your business and encourage people to buy locally .

Only MITN members and sponsors material will per permitted on the Promotion Table.

Growth of the local IT industry

As a member you will be involved in creating a strong and diverse IT skills base for the Region through facilitation of required training and education of local, domestic and international markets about our industry capabilities.

Collaboration between companies to enter new markets will be encouraged and facilitated.

Involvement in Lobbying and Policy Development

As a member of Mackay IT Network, you will join many other local businesses that understand the importance of collective lobbying to Government and industry bodies.

MITN can also be an industry voice in other areas, such as issues with flight time changes and impact on freight delivery and price. MITN is also able to work with other clusters, groups and organisations to address issues of mutual interest.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in surveys, polling and other research on Government issues. This information helps with the development of policies to be presented to Government. It also ensures that IT industry related issues are raised on the national agenda.

Members have access to:

  • Research and survey participation and results
  • Regular newsletters
  • Invitations to events and other functions
  • Discounts to events and other functions

As a Regional not-for-profit organisation, Mackay IT Network appreciates your support.

If you would like to support MITN and promote your business please contact Geoff Flemming