Our Organisation!

The group aims to achieve this by providing:


 What does MITN do?

Some of MITN’s activities include:

  • Maintaining relationships with relevant government departments to ensure that our regional industry remains “on the radar” and that policy decisions take regional issues into account.
  • Liaising with other industry bodies to promote ICT and our regional capabilities.
  • Holding regular member meetings featuring guest speakers on a variety of topics.
  • Facilitating and assisting government programs and vendor presentations to be staged locally.
  • Working with schools, TAFE and Universities to promote ICT as a career, and with industry to develop vocational training and graduate placement programs.

 What’s in it for me?

Some benefits of MITN membership are:

  • Networking opportunities with industry colleagues and customers.
  • Member discounts at most functions.
  • Newsletters and web site.
  • Reciprocal membership of IT Queensland.
  • A voice in government policy and industry development.

     Most of all, you will be adding your support to building a strong and sustainable industry to benefit members and customers alike, and help underpin our region’s development.

 How do I join?

Download a membership form from our web site, www.mitn.org.au, or contact Geoff Flemming, (0419) 701 099 or geoff@rainbowconsulting.com.au